Colorado Springs Downtown Neighborhood

By Jeremy Wynia / July 15, 2016

Colorado Springs Downtown Neighborhood   Colorado Springs Downtown neighborhood is just under 3 square miles.It has a small town feel with big amenities.  Being close to work, parks, food and entertainment it is easy to see the draw that downtown brings.  There is about 7,300 people who live in this area. There are 2 major parks…

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Security and Widefield Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / July 9, 2016

Security and Widefield Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs     Security and Widefield are neighborhoods located in southern Colorado Springs. They are fairly small and often referred to together. As of 2010 the population in these areas was 32,882.  This population grew by 10% since 2000. The cost of living is 4% lower than the national average.…

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July Real Estate Advisor

By Jeremy Wynia / July 7, 2016

July Real Estate Advisor Appraisals and Home InspectionsWhen buying or selling a home, many have heard of an appraisal and a home inspection. While both are very important to the entire transaction, an appraisal and home inspection are two very different things. If you’re looking at buying a new home or property, or you’re interested…

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Building your Rental Portfolio: Part 2 Buying Property

By Jeremy Wynia / July 6, 2016

For this post we will assume that you already own a property and it may or may not meet your families current needs. First let’s talk about a good option if you have started to outgrow your current house or  you are ready for an upgrade for any other reason. What do you need to…

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June Real Estate Advisor

By Jeremy Wynia / June 30, 2016

Real Estate Advisor: June Finances and Buying a HomeHome ownership has always been a top dream for millions of Americans, and with the many television shows, magazines and other media geared toward owning a home in the U.S., buying a home is very much a reality in our country. While we can get caught up…

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5 Things to know about your neighbors before you sell

By Jeremy Wynia / June 29, 2016

5 Things to Know About Your Neighbors Before You Sell svisscher May 29, 2016 Considering selling your home? You may be competing against your neighbors. Here are some things to look at with an agent before you list: 1. Who’s remodeled? Tap into the neighborhood grapevine to find out who’s remodeled their kitchen and upgraded…

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7 Tips for Using Flowers to Boost Curb Appeal

By Jeremy Wynia / June 22, 2016

7 Tips for Using Flowers to Boost Curb Appeal RE/MAX May 19, 2016 Used strategically, flowers can be a powerful tool for increasing your home’s curb appeal. There’s a method to leveraging all those petals to help your property bloom. Follow these tips. 1. Buy a color wheel Spend a few bucks at your local…

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7 Tips for Pet Owners Selling a Home

By Jeremy Wynia / June 15, 2016

7 Tips for Pet Owners Selling a Home RE/MAX Feb 19, 2016 Lingering animal smells and fur can be a turn-off for would-be buyers. Be sure to remove all signs of your furry friends before showings. Here are some tips. 1. Holey backyard, Batman! Does your dog bury more bones than they munch on? Start…

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May National Housing Report

By Jeremy Wynia / June 6, 2016

May National Housing Report: What the Numbers Mean for You RE/MAX May 26, 2016 The home-buying season was just starting in April, with a 7.5% sales increase over March and 3.2% increase over April of 2015, according to the May National Housing Report from RE/MAX. The Median Sales Price in April was $215,000, which was…

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6 Lessons Monopoly Can Teach You About Home Buying

By Jeremy Wynia / June 2, 2016

6 Lessons Monopoly Can Teach You About Home Buying   RE/MAX Dec 04, 2015 1. Patience MONOPOLY: So your family has decided to play Monopoly? Refill your beverage, grab a snack and change into comfortable clothes. You’re going to be there a while. LESSON: Buying real estate is a process. There’s pre-approval for a loan,…

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