Winter is coming!

By Jeremy Wynia / October 11, 2018

Hey everybody, winter is coming. It is getting cold outside and with that we need to do a few things to make sure that our houses are well taken care of. Number one tonight it is going to be below freezing. You should undo your hose bib. Even if you have to water things during…

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Spring Creek Neighborhood

By Jeremy Wynia / August 19, 2016

Spring Creek Park Neighborhood Spring Creek neighborhood is located on the South East part of Colorado Springs. This area is neighborhood is developed as a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND). It focuses on a small town feel where the neighbors can sit on their porches and the children can play on the playgrounds safely. A TND is…

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Serenity Park Neighborhood in Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / August 13, 2016

Serenity Park Neighborhood   Serenity Park neighborhood is located on the North side of Colorado Springs just East of I-25. The views from this neighborhood are amazing. With the Air Force Academy right across of the highway and Pikes Peak  mountain range right behind that.  Serenity Park is located within the school district 20 area.…

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Pleasant Valley Neighborhood in Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / July 21, 2016

Pleasant Valley Neighborhood The Pleasant Valley neighborhood is located on the Colorado Springs west side. It is a desirable neighborhood to live in and currently has about 9,864 residents. Pleasant Valley is where the Red Rocks Canyon open space and the Fountain Creek Campground are located. Both of these attractions have great views and attract…

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Colorado Springs Downtown Neighborhood

By Jeremy Wynia / July 15, 2016

Colorado Springs Downtown Neighborhood   Colorado Springs Downtown neighborhood is just under 3 square miles.It has a small town feel with big amenities.  Being close to work, parks, food and entertainment it is easy to see the draw that downtown brings.  There is about 7,300 people who live in this area. There are 2 major parks…

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Security and Widefield Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / July 9, 2016

Security and Widefield Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs     Security and Widefield are neighborhoods located in southern Colorado Springs. They are fairly small and often referred to together. As of 2010 the population in these areas was 32,882.  This population grew by 10% since 2000. The cost of living is 4% lower than the national average.…

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5 Things to know about your neighbors before you sell

By Jeremy Wynia / June 29, 2016

5 Things to Know About Your Neighbors Before You Sell svisscher May 29, 2016 Considering selling your home? You may be competing against your neighbors. Here are some things to look at with an agent before you list: 1. Who’s remodeled? Tap into the neighborhood grapevine to find out who’s remodeled their kitchen and upgraded…

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7 Tips for Using Flowers to Boost Curb Appeal

By Jeremy Wynia / June 22, 2016

7 Tips for Using Flowers to Boost Curb Appeal RE/MAX May 19, 2016 Used strategically, flowers can be a powerful tool for increasing your home’s curb appeal. There’s a method to leveraging all those petals to help your property bloom. Follow these tips. 1. Buy a color wheel Spend a few bucks at your local…

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Manitou Springs Colorado Neighborhood

By Jeremy Wynia / May 17, 2016

People come to Manitou Springs to climb the Incline, enjoy the shops, restaurants, culture and views of the red rocks that surround this proud community. Housing options range from crazy small older homes, to modern condos to luxury custom homes in the foot hills. 67% who live there are homeowners.  The average age of the residents…

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Mountain Shadows Neighborhood in Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / May 10, 2016

Mountain Shadows is a neighborhood located in the Northwest part of Colorado Springs. It is a large neighborhood with just over 6,000 people who live there. 82% of the people who are living there are the homeowners. The top interests of the neighbors are hiking, family, dogs, reading, camping, music and movies. To view homes…

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