List NOW! Buy NOW!

By Jeremy Wynia / January 28, 2016

List NOW! Buy NOW! Many may not know that right now we have the lowest inventory of real estate listing most professionals in the business have ever seen! Even at the December sales rate, which is usually relatively low, we have less than two month of inventory!  To place that into perspective, a normal balanced…

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Investing in Real Estate or the Stock Market

By Jeremy Wynia / January 20, 2016

  Real Estate Wins!   So you want to invest some money and you are not sure if it should be in the stock market or in real estate, keep reading. For this blog I am specifically talking about investing not buying the house that you want to live in. Owner occupant purchase of real…

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Household Hazardous Waste

By Jeremy Wynia / January 6, 2016

Real Estate Advisor: January Common Household Hazardous Waste and What to do With ThemWe want to believe our homes are as safe as they can be, and for the most part they are. But there are items we use every day that are in fact hazardous. Knowing what products are hazardous, and the proper ways…

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2016 Homes Sales Will be the best in a decade

By Jeremy Wynia / December 3, 2015

Great article to read: 2016 Home Sales Will Be Best in a Decade, With Surprising Hot Spots, Predicts CNBC December 2, 2015 Total homes sales next year are expected to reach the highest levels since 2006 on the back of new construction and the existing housing market, reported Wednesday. The report contains several…

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Wow Colorado Springs is Awesome! Look at is affordability

By Jeremy Wynia / November 17, 2015
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8 mistakes when selling your home

By Jeremy Wynia / November 2, 2015

8 mistakes when selling your home Some common sense tips to make sure your home sells by Romana King October 23rd, 2015 You can always find tips and tricks for selling your home, but what do you need to know to avoid making a mistake? Here’s eight ways you squash a good house sale and…

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Try These 4 Tricks to Make a Tiny Bathroom Feel Huge

By Jeremy Wynia / October 19, 2015

Making a minuscule bathroom appear practical, tidy, and even a tad stylish is pretty darn impossible, right? Wrong! If you focus on clever storage solutions and go bold with color and accents, you can create a space that’s both functional and stylish without breaking the bank. Or the commode, as it were. From storage solutions…

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Fall/ Winter tips to keep your house in top condition

By Jeremy Wynia / October 15, 2015

A few items that you can do to help keep your house in top condition. Most of these items can be easily done by yourself and with minimal cost. These should be done on a yearly basis and can help save you a ton of money in repair costs. These are good to do in…

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Budget Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas

By Jeremy Wynia / October 5, 2015

Budget Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Done in a Day Posted on August 14, 2015 by reliance CurbAppeal 88 percent of homebuyers begin the process online, looking at pictures on the listing site. Good photos and real curb appeal help entice buyers to check out your house in person. You want to make a great first…

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Top Things New Homeowners Should Do Immediately

By Jeremy Wynia / September 28, 2015

Posted on September 17, 2015 by reliance New Homeowners Are you in the market for a new house? Whether you are looking for a first home or you are changing homes, make sure you take a moment to assess what needs to be changed in your new residence. Use this list as a reference for…

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