Short Sales


Building Your Real Estate Portfolio: Part 1 Getting the Home Purchased!

By Jeremy Wynia / March 8, 2016

So you have read some of my previous blogs and you feel like you want to get started in real estate.  Well, there are a couple of ways to get started.  In my experience the way most people get started has very little to do with a “free seminar” where seating is “extremely limited”.  Most…

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Investing in Real Estate or the Stock Market

By Jeremy Wynia / January 20, 2016

  Real Estate Wins!   So you want to invest some money and you are not sure if it should be in the stock market or in real estate, keep reading. For this blog I am specifically talking about investing not buying the house that you want to live in. Owner occupant purchase of real…

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Short Sales are Worth your time and Effort!

By Simplex Studios / December 13, 2012

Today’s post is just to make a small point to all of those people out there that are behind on there mortgage and are considering doing a short sale or have questions about the process. If you or anyone you know are having trouble making their house payment, SHORT SALES ARE WORTH THE EFFORT!!! They…

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