Pleasant Valley Neighborhood in Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / July 21, 2016

Pleasant Valley Neighborhood The Pleasant Valley neighborhood is located on the Colorado Springs west side. It is a desirable neighborhood to live in and currently has about 9,864 residents. Pleasant Valley is where the Red Rocks Canyon open space and the Fountain Creek Campground are located. Both of these attractions have great views and attract…

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Colorado Springs Downtown Neighborhood

By Jeremy Wynia / July 15, 2016

Colorado Springs Downtown Neighborhood   Colorado Springs Downtown neighborhood is just under 3 square miles.It has a small town feel with big amenities.  Being close to work, parks, food and entertainment it is easy to see the draw that downtown brings.  There is about 7,300 people who live in this area. There are 2 major parks…

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July Real Estate Advisor

By Jeremy Wynia / July 7, 2016

July Real Estate Advisor Appraisals and Home InspectionsWhen buying or selling a home, many have heard of an appraisal and a home inspection. While both are very important to the entire transaction, an appraisal and home inspection are two very different things. If you’re looking at buying a new home or property, or you’re interested…

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5 Things to know about your neighbors before you sell

By Jeremy Wynia / June 29, 2016

5 Things to Know About Your Neighbors Before You Sell svisscher May 29, 2016 Considering selling your home? You may be competing against your neighbors. Here are some things to look at with an agent before you list: 1. Who’s remodeled? Tap into the neighborhood grapevine to find out who’s remodeled their kitchen and upgraded…

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May National Housing Report

By Jeremy Wynia / June 6, 2016

May National Housing Report: What the Numbers Mean for You RE/MAX May 26, 2016 The home-buying season was just starting in April, with a 7.5% sales increase over March and 3.2% increase over April of 2015, according to the May National Housing Report from RE/MAX. The Median Sales Price in April was $215,000, which was…

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Manitou Springs Colorado Neighborhood

By Jeremy Wynia / May 17, 2016

People come to Manitou Springs to climb the Incline, enjoy the shops, restaurants, culture and views of the red rocks that surround this proud community. Housing options range from crazy small older homes, to modern condos to luxury custom homes in the foot hills. 67% who live there are homeowners.  The average age of the residents…

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America’s 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets in March 2016

By Jeremy Wynia / April 6, 2016

America’s 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets in March 2016 By Cicely Wedgeworth 6:00 am ET March 30, 2016 espiegle/iStock Finally, the snow is but a distant memory in all but a few (unfortunate) pockets of the U.S. Our springtime spirits are soaring—and so are the nation’s hottest real estate markets. And if we’ve learned anything,…

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Bonnyville Colorado Springs

By Jeremy Wynia / March 31, 2016

Bonnyville is part of the Downtown/ Central location in Colorado Springs. It is a fairly small neighborhood with about 513 residents. The average age in this neighborhood is 48 years old. About 62% are homeowners. The top neighbor interests are history, food, music, reading, family, camping, cooking, dogs, and genealogy. The neighbors love Bonnyville because…

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