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Colorado Springs weekly Real Estate Report

By Jeremy Wynia / April 4, 2016

  The Colorado Springs weekly Real Estate report shows the market is still doing well. Although we do still need more houses on the market, we are still pretty low in that area. Houses are not lasting long at all! If you are thinking of selling or buying give me a call, I would love…

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Colorado Springs Weekly Realtor Report

By Jeremy Wynia / March 30, 2016

The Colorado Springs weekly realtor report for March 27 2016. Inventory is still low compared to last year. But the market is still doing pretty well.  If you are interested in buying or selling your home I would love to talk with you, please feel free to contact me. Jeremy Wynia RE/MAX Properties, Inc. 719-213-0893…

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Building Your Real Estate Portfolio: Part 1 Getting the Home Purchased!

By Jeremy Wynia / March 8, 2016

So you have read some of my previous blogs and you feel like you want to get started in real estate.  Well, there are a couple of ways to get started.  In my experience the way most people get started has very little to do with a “free seminar” where seating is “extremely limited”.  Most…

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Buy vs Rent a Different Perspective.

By Jeremy Wynia / February 9, 2016

Buy vs Rent a Different Perspective Being in the business of real estate I often see news reel clips from the different cable news outlets extolling the virtues of home ownership or of renting.  These are diverse topics covering lots of ground but here is a quick little take on the subject. The most blatantly…

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List NOW! Buy NOW!

By Jeremy Wynia / January 28, 2016

List NOW! Buy NOW! Many may not know that right now we have the lowest inventory of real estate listing most professionals in the business have ever seen! Even at the December sales rate, which is usually relatively low, we have less than two month of inventory!  To place that into perspective, a normal balanced…

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